Honeybone Series Book 3
By A.J. Llewellyn
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Bruny Island…a natural wonder of Australia. Is it an unspoiled, last bastion of paradise, or do death and darkness surround it?

US Marshal Dean Honeybone and his lover, Jean-Luc, are in Tasmania visiting Kaia Pendleton, the little girl who, along with Dean, is the only survivor of a plane crash off the coast of eastern Australia. Kaia, who now lives in Launceston, is not coping well with her new life with her strict grandmother, romance novelist Kat Pendleton. Kat calls Honeybone and Jean-Luc, hoping a short visit from them will help Kaia settle down in school…however, it is soon clear neither man experiences the problems with Kaia that her grandmother does.
Both men long to take her home to the US with them, but Kat Pendleton refuses, citing Honeybone’s dangerous job. Meanwhile, Cho Paek, a beautiful young Korean immigrant student has vanished on a trip to remote Bruny Island. At the request of his boss, Honeybone takes part in the search for Cho, leaving Jean-Luc to deal with Kaia…

To celebrate the book’s release (and it’s yummy cover) I’m giving away an Aussie gift basket, chock-full of Aussie biscuits, candies and two heavily-featured items in the story, a jar of Peck’s Anchovette and a packet of the yummiest biscuits EVER, Iced Vo-Vo’s.
All my readers who purchase the book will be entered into the draw. And that’s not all.
Those who purchase Bruny THIS MONTH and didn’t read the first two books simply need to email me their online receipt to and will get the first two ebooks in the series free.

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