January 1st, 2010: Mingo McLoud’s New Guy is Hot, Sexy and…WANTED

When Mingo met Jason, he thought this was it…except that Jason, apart from being sexy, hot, mysterious and mercurial, is a WANTED man… 



A new XXX-rated M/M Romantic Mystery Novel 

by A.J. Llewellyn


Honolulu forensic accountant Mingo McCloud’s lover has cheated on him again. To escape his heartbreak, a severely depressed Mingo moves to the North Shore of Oahu. Eager to start a new life and to forget, Mingo soon learns that Turtle Bay might be the home of big surf, but it also has even bigger secrets. He catches the eye of a mysterious stranger, Jason, a sexy lone wolf with a troubled, sketchy past. The two become embroiled in a tempestuous love affair that turns dangerous when Mingo discovers Jason is spying on him.

Involved in his first big murder case, Mingo needs all his emotional resources to help find a missing young housewife…yet his private life just turned deadly. He has no idea why Jason would be tracking his every move—or even who hired him. Determined to find the truth, he hires big black, bad French former mercenary, Francois, to help him…and discovers shocking truths…Mingo McCloud has gone from wanting to wanted.

Click here for an excerpt.

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