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I had an awesome Thanksgiving, meeting a bunch of wonderful people through my friend Ruth’s family. I was astonished at the warmth and generosity of those around her, not to mention the incredible tasty food.’
I made an Australian pavlova which I think everyone enjoyed but of course, I had to sample all the other desserts on the table, you know, just to be polite. I was thrilled also to meet the fascinating women in Ruth’s life. Her cousins are well traveled and had astonishing experiences in Italy this year that beg for space in a book or a movie.
I was also pleased to meet another published author at the table, mystery novelist Joseph Steven.
His wife Marisa, a wonderful woman, gave me an idea for a new book based on an experience they shared thirty years ago.I told Joseph he was so kind to lend me his muse and he smiled. Marisa is supportive and encouraging of all his ideas and right now Joseph is working on his fourth novel which sounds amazing.
We talked for a long time and I came home all fired up to work on my new book. I am planning on an April 15 release for it.
I sat working on the idea all excited by the research I found online. I had the biggest smile on my face when I took my dog for a walk around midnight and ran into one of my old Russian neighbors in the courtyard.
It’s funny how you can find yourself on a similar schedule as people you share space with. I see him early in the morning and if I walk my dog after midnight, I run into him again.Last night, he was rugged up like he was heading for snow and he greeted me under the lamppost. He’s a fascinating man who always seems to be cooking meat and onions judging by the smells wafting from his condo.
Last night he told me, he’d cooked for sixteen people.I saw the joy in his face when he talked of his whole family coming together for the first time in twelve years.”I never thought it would happen,” he said. “I am so happy.”
“Were there any arguments?” I asked.
He laughed as we walked down the street.
“Of course. It would be a holiday without arguments.” He always walks with a big stick and suddenly withdrew it from the inside of his coat and held it in his hand.”I know you’re a writer,” he said. “My daughter is a writer. What kind of books you write?”
Everyone in my building asks me this and I am always afraid of shocking the older people. Especially ones carrying big sticks.
I took a deep breath. “Erotic romance,” I said. “Gay erotic romance.”
He rubbed his chin with his free hand and tilted his head. He seemed to be mulling it over.
“Mmm…I see now.”
“You see…what?”
“You write happy, sexy books. That’s why I always see you smiling.”
He gave me a wave and crossed the road to take his own private like circuit. And I walked on with my dog and dreams of my own.
Of Happy, Sexy Books.

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