Steal Everything

It’s my turn to blog at The Many Shades of Life and Love and here is what I posted:

People say I should stop talking about Internet theft. But I’m betting those people aren’t finding each and every book they have out being stolen left and right. I read message boards that boggle my mind.
Internet thieves who steal music and books admit they are doing wrong. They admit a smidgin of sympathy for the artists and authors involved. Their logic seems to be that our publishers are ripping us off with royalties, so why shouldn’t they rip us off too?
It makes me wonder what would they do if they drove down the street and watched a robbery in progress? Would they:
a) drive by and do nothing
b) turn the corner and call the cops and report a crime or
c) zoom into the driveway and help themselves to stuff too…like hey, where’s the sofa at?
My friend and co-author Stephani Hecht sent me a Youtube vid last night that says it all much better than I could.
I present to you, a PSA from Kid Rock:

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