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It’s my turn to blog at Seven Wicked Writers today and here is what I posted:

By A. J. Llewellyn
A couple I know very well, a straight couple I might add, argued last night and after it was all over and the sloppy kisses were exchanged, he wanted sex. She wanted to start a whole other argument.
He emailed me and asked what he’d done wrong.
“Did you indulge in enough foreplay?” I asked him. “Did you grovel enough?”
Here’s the thing. Men and women see sex differently. Guys are ready for it – generally speaking – almost all the time. I dated a guy once who told me on our first date that he liked sex twice a week and I quote, “any more and you’re bugging me.”
He told me from the get-go and being young and foolish at the time I was certain I could change him. I learned pretty fast I was wrong. So, I am saying this by way of explaining that some men, very few that I know, don’t want sex all the time. We love it. We want it. We want it now.
The wonderful British author and columnist Jilly Cooper once observed that she and her husband had sex one night after a long, dry spell. They’d both been fussing at each other for weeks. A brief argument led to a warm romp in the sack. Afterwards, he smoked a cigarette, she scribbled notes to herself: why did we wait so long? I forgot how good this feels! We both forgot we NEED this!
Many of my friends complain about the lack of sex in their relationships and most are jubilant when they get make-up sex. That blow-out bang makes up for the drought. Who doesn’t like feeling good? I mean, really. Making up your differences between the sheets beats a long, drawn out discussion any day.
I told my friend to softsoap his wife up a little with kisses, hot chocolate in bed and promises of massages, a spa day. “Hey, I know,” I said in a moment of sheer brilliance, “tell her you’ll spend the whole day Sunday taking care of the kids so she can have some time to herself.”
He called me an hour later. Apparently, my suggestions freaked her out ebcause they were so out of character for my pal. She asked him if he was having an affair.
“What do I do now?” he asked me.
“Don’t ask me,” I said. “I’m the one with the lousy suggestions, remember?”
My friend loves his wife and went back to bed and assured her with kisses and er…other things. This morning she emailed me and said since it was my suggestion he should hang out with the kids today, I should take them for a couple of hours so she and her hubby can have some adult time together.
I agreed, only because I was pleased to learn the kids were keen to go get ice cream and walk around Chinatown with me. And because when it comes to make-up sex, I believe in paying it forward. I like the idea there is love being made in the world, not just war.
How about you, do you believe in make-up sex?
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