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It’s my turn to blog at Sensual N Secret and here is what I wrote:

Meet Sergio Garcia. He’s 18 years old, he is an openly gay student at Los Angeles’ School District’s iconic Fairfax High School and he is their new Prom Queen.
When the news hit the streets yesterday, I raced down to Fairfax High where many well-known celebrities once learned their ABCs.
First reports were that he was selected as a joke, but this was no joke. Garcia told the assembled media types, “I feel invincible. It shows you how open-minded my classmates are.”
He said he would not be wearing a dress on Prom night and declined to discuss a date, but did say he would be wearing a suit.
“Make no mistake,” he said, glancing with surprise at the huge throng gathered for a photo op. “Deep down I am a queen.”
Sergio Garcia has all the qualities you’d want in a Prom Queen. He seems very bright, he’s engaging, he’s very cute, he’s articulate and like my Waikiki vampire, Tem, he knows his way around a tiara. He held onto his jewel-encrusted gem with both hands.
Hey, I would too.
The feeling at Fairfax High School yesterday which sits on Fairfax near Melrose Avenue, was that anyone can achieve their dreams.
Gay, straight, male, female, who honestly hasn’t thought how nice it would be to be selected Queen or King of the Prom?
There weren’t any naysayers yesterday that I overheard, just a lot of good will. As I walked down Melrose after the ad-hoc event, I reflected how much the funky street itself has changed since I first moved here 25 years ago.
Most of my favorite stores alas, are gone. What hasn’t gone surprisingly is the feeling of hope. You can, as Sergio Garcia said, be yourself and you can WIN.
And that’s why I love my wacky-dacky city some days…

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