Too Gay For Prime Time?

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It’s my turn to blog at Sensual N Secret today and here is what I posted:

I’ve had a few emails from people asking me – point blank – if Adam Lambert has a chance of winning American Idol or is he simply ‘too gay’ for most of America to ‘get him?’
The question has frankly offended me but now that the final weeks of the show are waning and his private photos are showing up all over the place, I feel I have to step up, take the bat and knock one out of the gay park for him.
He is simply one of the best, most original, inspired, naturally talented performers America has ever seen. Period.
I don’t care if he likes to kiss boys or purple peonies. He is so far and above the rest of the pack on this show that the constant question of his gayness seems bizarre.
From the beginning it was obvious it would come down to him and stunning 16-year old Allison. It’ll be a three-way race between them and Danny but I believe ultimately talent will win.
Adam has that special ‘something’ that I do think America gets. All that talent and his plain niceness also shines through. It’s a rare and unbeatable combination.
Leaking his kissy-boy pics on the Internet doesn’t seem to have hurt him so far and I am glad that people can see past his private life and enjoy his talent for what it is.
Absolutely awesome.
Most of my friends tune in to see what he’s going to come up with each week and his ingenuity each and every time is dazzling.
And yet, I google his name and the snide critics always throw in the word gay.
Heck, I market myself as a gay erotic romance author but this is my niche. I’ve had people on MySpace decline me as a friend, I suspect for that very reason, but I don’t see people plastering my private pics on the web asking if I’m too gay to sell books!
Sex is great. Sex is my bread and butter as a writer. But what an artist – any artist – chooses to do with somebody they love really has nothing to do with their ability to sell their work.
Adam Lambert is the best new ambassador for music. Period. Regardless of his private passions.
I hope America doesn’t disappoint me in four weeks, but then I tend to lead with my heart.
I truly believe Adam Lambert is one of the most exciting, talented new performers I’ve seen in a long time.
I hope America feels the same way.

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  1. What does too gay even mean? Gay is gay. The fact that he has gotten as far as he has on AI is impressive…..the great talent helps. But, why does the TV industry have such a weird time with showing gay people. A third or more of working actors are gay…so in reality every night I am watching a gay person on TV….you all are sneaky that way 🙂 Why do we have to be so freaked out about it? Gays don’t get totally weirded out about all the crazy straight people running around TV. I personnally think gay, straight, or whatever, if you got talent flaunt it and tell all the bible thumping self righteous prigs to shove it. Good on Adam for being who he is.

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