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It is my second morning in Honolulu and I am ecstatic to see healthy, EXCITED support for a new bill previously squashed in the Hawaii state senate in 1999. There is a groundswell of hope for a Civil Union Bill – a same sex marriage bill – that in spite of some critics has “legs.”
Here is the link to a clip from Thursday night’s news:

And now, let me say this: Whether you are gay straight, married, single, divorced, God loving or atheist, love is the one thing everybody deserves. I am, alas, not in danger of getting married any time soon but I know many, many couples who are pining for the moment they can say, “I do.”
Though some members of the Catholic church and Duke Aiona, Hawaii’s State Lieutenant Governor (who interestingly stumbled over his prepared ant-bill statement in a hearing last week) the new movement is gaining support from the public.
Yesterday, Punahou school, the most prestigious school in the state held their annual carnival. I love a big party and dragged my dad down there with me. He oggled the gorgeous female hula dancers and I oggled the malasada donuts.
As usual in any public Hawaiian event, Hawaii Pono’i was sung, Queen Liliuokalani’s Aloha Oe was sung and I overheard some very strong support of the bill among the adults present.
A light tropical rain came down at that moment. And I saw a rainbow in the distance…a sign on the islands of prayers being heard. I like to think Queen Liliuoakalani herself, a great believer in love – Aloha Oe means love forever – was listening. I would love to believe there will be divine intervention.
And I believe love conquers all.
Aloha oe,

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  1. I sincerely hope that Hawaii will join the states in the union that offer same sex marriage! Aloha Oe for sure! I am from Connecticut; join us Hawaii!

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