Stephen King, John Lennon and I

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There was a huge protest march in the streets of West Hollywood, California yesterday. It started on Wednesday after Proposition 8, the anti-gay marriage bill was passed, but by last night, even major, straight celebrities were out in force in peaceful protest.
I was there…but I confess, for once in my life I was thinking about me.
Me, me, me.
I took my first copies of my book “Phantom Lover” down to A Different Light Bookstore on Santa Monica Boulevard. My book launch is being held there on November 21 and Billy Avaratha who runs the store and books all the signings was expecting first delivery to stir interest in “Phantom Lover.”
Two wonderful friends accompanied me. They have to be good friends to weather the barrage of street marchers and harried cops and me, A.J. Llewellyn, paralyzed with fear.
There I was, weighted down with books and promo material and instead of being the super confident author of gay erotic fiction, I was outside the store blushing like a knock-kneed virgin bride.
“Oh my God,” my friends Ruth and Kate muttered, taking over and marching inside. I watched them chatting with Billy. What a hot tamale!
I watched him looking at my books, my books! And between screams of No on 8! and bites on my fist, I watched Billy enter my books into his computer and ah…there was my book on a big display shelf. I peered anxiously inside.
Wait…was that right? He was displaying my book, pride of place, right beside the world’s best selling author, Stephen King!


Billy framed the book signing flyer I had brought and popped it up over the top of my new display and at the girls’ urgings, posed for pics.


I was stunned when 20 seconds later, Billy slipped a copy of “Phantom Lover” right in the window.
Besides a new biography on John Lennon.
“That’s me!” I screamed at two guys waving placards. I pointed at the book in the window. They looked at my cover – a naked God-splendid Kimo – and they patted me on the shoulder.
“It doesn’t look like you, but with a bit of work in the gym, in another decade or so…it…could be.”
I tried to explain, “No, that’s my book!” but they were walking down the street laughing their asses off.
So the streets of L.A. experienced a revolution last night, but for me it will always be the night I sat side by side with King and Lennon.

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  1. That is way cool! I mean to be published and displayed along side such important authors and works. You must be on the moon!

  2. Aloha Sue, you are so nice! I AM over the moon, thank you. ANy chance you will be in Los Angeles on November 21?


  3. No. Why?

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