Bunny Tube’s Thirty Eight Seconds

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Until I saw this photo on myspace, I had never heard of Damien Crosse (to be honest) but as soon as I accessed his page, I was intrigued and delighted to find he is head over heels in love and engaged to be married to gay porn superstar Francesco D’Macho. Damien it turns out has a pretty prolific porn career himself…but this is not what set my romantic wheels into overdrive.

As a gay man who writes gay erotic romance fiction I am often asked by readers if Kimo and Lopaka, the heroes of my Phantom Lover series could really be this emotional and romantic. I always say yes, because it’s true.

And then along came Damien and Francesco. These men are so smitten that Francesco calls Damien the Hooker Bunny and Damien calls Francesco the Bunny Raper. They shot a thirty eight second YouTube video that in my mind does more to prove, than all the books I have written that men in love are as goofy, emotional and as endearing as any straight couple.

And this is my point. The video does more for their image and for the image of men loving men than any movie they could ever produce. There is a reason this video is sweeping the net and why so many men and women are eyeing this new love story with hope in their hearts and major brush fires in their bellies. These are smart men leading with their hearts. Even their former lovers seem to be on board with the hooker raper and his bunny love.

Check out the YouTube video these bunny lovers shot.


It’s thirty eight seconds long and is the most romantic little film I have seen in a long time. It has captured our hearts for a reason. In one chaste, yet undeniably hot little snippet, they have done more to prove that men have feelings, men are romantic and yes…they believe in love.

Vive L’Amour!

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