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Night School Vampire

OUT and UNDEAD TODAY! Purchase Link: t’s tough being a vampire. For one thing, there’s so much time on your hands. And for another, being undead for centuries means that you meet way too many stupid people… Socrates Delis, since he has to be awake at night, wonders why he shouldn’t make better use […]

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Update: Silver Publishing Owner on the Run

By A.J. Llewellyn They say loose lips sink ships, and apparently not everybody was happy to see Lodewyk Deysel, AKA author Leiland Dale return to his family’s humble abode in Rugby, Cape Town, South Africa last Thursday. It seems that some locals have not forgotten that he got away with embezzling R60,000 ($5,625 US) in […]

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    TARNISHED SILVER or WYOMING-GATE by A.J. Llewellyn I have updated and amended this blog to keep current. As of this moment, 4/11/14 the information is as accurate as I can make it. Silver Publishing LLC is still in existence as a website. It boasts one lone author, Leiland Dale, the company owner. It […]

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