TV Interview! on ThinkTech Hawaii

Their Number 5 most-watched programs: From the series “Community Matters” on 11/8/2022 hosted by Katharine Nohr, it’s called “Island Fever; Introducing a New Hawaii Book” with guests A.J. Llewellyn, Steve Novak, Kent Reinker


January, 2022

I have accepted the job of being President of Sisters in Crime, Hawaii’s branch for the second year. I love this group. We are working on an anthology right now due to come out this summer. Watch this space!

February 2022

I’ve been taking part in a lot of author interviews and podcasts. This is one with Best Selling Reads about writing romance novels.

John Solo’s storytime. He talks about narrating the Mingo books!

May 2022

I am Author of the Day at Global Girls Online Book Club! Come on By!

My Book Molokai Man has been nominated for Best Paranormal Romance by Love Romances Cafe Group. I’m so stoked. I’m in great company with some amazing nominees.

Best of 2021

Bestselling Reads authors returned to Apple’s Author Life Podcast this week to talk about characters: how to write them, make them unique, and connect with readers. I had so much fun doing this!

Author Life Podcast