Sanguinary Seductions

They say variety is the spice of life, but for Kimo and his husband Lopaka, the opposite is true…until one sultry midnight the tradewinds blow…

Before Morning

A volcanic vampire tale of Feudal Japan for Extasybook’s Sanguinary Seductions anthology.

Mojo Rising 
On a South Seas island, a village Chief finds unexpected love and a cure for a curs e…in the arms of another man…


Sanguinary Seductions: Midnight at Morning’s and Before Morning

Literary Nymphs: 5 Nymphs

Sensuous love story of a vampire and his intended mate, Kano and Askemua, two men destined to be together forever.

Reviewer: Chocolate Minx


Before Morning: excerpt:

“Am I your first?” Yori was licking his lips. Askemua nodded, suddenly terrified.

“I won’t hurt you,” the dark eyes that held his echoed the promise of the rushed words. Yori drew him closer, inhaling his youthful scent, fumbling with the buttons of his cotton hakama pants. Askemua felt the warm breath on his exposed cock. Nobody had touched his private parts since he was a baby and his legs trembled as

he felt rough hands fondling him, examining him.

He was afraid to look down, yet deeply curious.Yori was studying his uncut cock, a small, secretive smile, then a kiss on the tip, sending ripples of happiness through Askemua’s body. Yori stroked the virgin manhood to life, taking pride in

its increasing hardness.

“I can’t wait anymore,” he moaned, plunging it into his salivating mouth.

Midnight at Morning’s excerpt:

I snuggled into him as his hand unzipped my fly and disappeared inside.

“Somebody’s in a hurry,” I grinned.

“Just checking my toys are where they’re supposed to be.”

The song switched now to T Rex’s Bang a Gong, a song we loved to fuck to and we looked at each other with hopeless lust overtaking us. I kissed Kimo again and for the first time all day wasn’t so unhappy that he was making me wait. He took my cock out, not that anybody seemed to be watching and ran his hand up and down the shaft.