My Favorite Husband

You can steal a man’s heart…you can steal his wallet, but stealing his car…that’s just asking for trouble. Waikiki Vampire Divine Thunder and his husband Tem thought that going to hell and back – literally – was an ordeal. Now they’re home and things are a mess – even Div’s precious car, which he calls his other husband has been stolen. Picking up the pieces of their half-demolished home, they find themselves in the middle of a new and weird mystery. They’ve hired an art historian who’s a real weirdo and somebody keeps pinching their good wine and leaving booby traps in their garden.

They hire Francois, a big, beautiful black security expert to get to the bottom of the twisted things going on in the Thunder household. But wait…what the heck is going on? They keep seeing Div’s car, driven by the thief all over the island. This is gonna give a whole new meaning to thunder in paradise…


5/5 Kisses from

AJ Llewellyn had me laughing from the jump. I began this series in the middle and am looking forward to going back and reading the others. It is apparent that this long-running series is a definite need for my shelf. Not only was the author able to create such great characters, he infuses so much humor in the life of a vamp, that it surely must be as chaotic. Yet in all the chaos, a deep love shines, and grows. I fell in love with Div and Tem, sighed over François and wanted to adopt the cat.

5 out 5 Nymphs from Literary Nymphs:

This, the fifth book in the author’s A Vampire in Waikiki series, not only brings back the sexy Div and Tem, but also the rest of their crazy family. From the very first page you are drawn into a story that picks up not long after the last one ends. As the two men try to return to some kind of normal life, they once again have to deal with unknown enemies. Even with the ongoing turmoil in their lives, the love these two have for each other is strong. The author has such a way with words that it is very easy for the reader to see the deep love Div and Tem have not only for each other but also for those they care about. As always, the sex between these two is intense and page burning.

The author not only does an excellent job with the characters, but also in his detailed background descriptions. Set in Waikiki, the history, culture, and people – both past and present – that the author brings into the story help bring it to life for the reader. I often think that should I ever make it to the islands, I am using this series for my travel guide. This book is an excellent addition to the series and I hope we see more soon.

– reviewed by Critter Nymph



We sat on our porch swing, Tem leaning against me, our feet playing with one another’s. We looked up at the stars, swapping kisses when a sound came out of the nearest thatch of bamboo. Francois crept toward us. He was dressed in black and he looked damned sexy.

“Nobody else is on the property right now.” He looked right at Tem’s crotch as he said this. I felt the ripple right then, the underlying sexual tension. I knew he wanted Tem and I knew Tem liked being wanted. I read Tem’s thoughts. He was picturing Francois kneeling before him, taking his huge head into his mouth.

As soon as he became aware of my presence in his mind, Tem wiped the thought from his mind. I was both turned on and petrified of him getting it on with Francois, but Tem had the most gorgeous cock and ass and it seemed sort of cruel to deny them both a bit of fun when Francois was so obviously in need. He didn’t trust anybody and he’d been quietly drooling around Tem all day.

“The wine was really good,” Francois said, licking his lips. He wasn’t thinking about wine, he was thinking about come. Specifically, my baby’s come.

“Yes, wasn’t it?” Tem asked.

I finally interrupted the endless though pleasant, small talk. “Francois, would you like to suck my husband’s cock?”

Tem reacted badly. “Div! What are you doing? I want only you. We haven’t been near another man since…” he did not say aloud,since we became bonded in blood.

“It would be a turn on to watch Francois suck you, baby. Look how hot he is. You can’t tell me you haven’t thought about it.”

“You know I have.”

Francois’s face lit up in the semi-darkness.

“You can suck his cock, but that’s it,” I told him. “Nobody fucks Tem, but me.” I could tell that despite his denials, Tem was excited. He was so exotic and beautiful, the idea of this big black man’s face between his legs got us both hard. Instantly, in spite of his trepidation, I knew Tem was on fire.

I kissed him and he accepted my kisses. We were really going for it when I felt Francois’s clumsy fingers at Tem’s button fly jeans. I brushed his hands away and asked him, “Haven’t you ever unbuttoned another guy’s jeans before?”

He was almost mute with need. “Not for a long time. And not somebody like this.” He let out a sound…a sigh of relief as he slid Tem’s jeans down and realized he was commando. He saw that big, hard cock spring toward his mouth and went straight to town.

“What a feast,” he said, his gluttonous lips descending on Tem’s cock. I sipped my coffee, enjoying his oral exploration of my man. Tem was enjoying it. He sat beside me, his crotch jutting forward. He glanced at me a couple of times and he could see that I was okay and he started to get into it.

He gazed down at the big guy servicing him. Francois was in such a state of arousal, he kept rubbing the head of Tem’s cock around his lips and finishing each swipe with a lick from the very tip of his tongue.

“You’ve been thinking about this,” I said suddenly.

“Oh yeah, I watched all the movies. I’ve wanted Tem for a long time.”