Bad Cops

In conjunction with Massive Studio, here is the first HOT eXcerpt of BAD COPS, coming to Massive Studio via webisodes (and later DVD) November 20 to coincide with my book release. BAD COPS is the second book in the Massive Studio series – the sequel to LAID.


I gasped when the action shifted to daylight in an alleyway, its walls covered in graffiti. There was that punk, Pistone, looking surprised as he found himself hauled against a wall by a couple of cops.

To listen to it, they were legitimate enough until one of them grabbed his ass and fondled it.

“This is fucking crazy,” Pistone said. “What’s going on?”

“I’ll be asking the questions,” one of the cops said. “We’re taking you in.”

The scene shifted to the inside of what I realized was the warehouse.

“You’re in the wrong place,” one of the cops said and pushed him to his knees.

They dragged off his top and raised his arms to a wire-mesh fence propped against some filing cabinets.

“Don’t ask any questions. Just keep your hands where they are. We’re gonna take care of you,” the second cop said.

Pistone’s head moved from side to side as they rubbed their dicks, brushing their crotches against his face.

He kept asking questions and they fired silly questions back at him.

“Why?” he kept moaning.

“You’re in our world,” they said. “You’re gonna have a nice little story to tell all your friends.”

They unzipped their pants, releasing their cocks, which, by the way, were huge.

“You ever sucked a dick before?” the first one asked as Pistone turned his face away.

“You’re not answering his question,” the second one said. “Come on, kiss it.”

Pistone tightened his lips and the second cop raised his nightstick in a threatening way.

The dick in his face got past Pistone’s lips.

“This better be good,” the first cop said, shoving his cock down Pistone’s throat. Suck on it like your life depends on it.”

Pistone didn’t resist long.

The cop laughed. “You’ve done this before. Good thing we picked you up today.”

Pistone slobbered and suckled on that cock as the officer rubbed his head. Pistone pulled back, taking his mouth away to feast on the cop’s balls.

“Spit on my dick,” the cop said and Pistone complied, sucking the cock for all he was worth.

“Starting to like it, aren’t you?” the second one said. “Come on man, fuck his face.”

He obviously didn’t want to be left out and muscled in on the action, feeding Pistone his flaccid tool. It didn’t stay soft for long. Pistone nursed on that thing, relinquishing his grip on it to move to the second cop’s balls as the cop stroked his cock, getting into it himself now.

The cops uncuffed him and he remained kneeling on the floor, taking turns sucking them off as the cops whipped off their clothes.

Pistone was a cock whore from way back and he seemed intoxicated with his own efforts. The first cop dragged him to his feet and pulled down Pistone’s pants. He pushed him facedown over an old desk, gave his ass some perfunctory licks, quickly slipped on a rubber and stuck his cock into Pistone’s waiting ass.

Moaning, Pistone turned his face, his hungry mouth anxious for more dick. The second cop let him have it.

“How much you like fuckin’ his ass?” he asked the first cop as Pistone jerked on his own meaty tool.

“Fuck me,” Pistone screamed around the cock gagging him. The two cops gave both his holes a solid workout. It was all too much for the first cop who took his cock away from Pistone.

“Motherfucker!” he roared as Pistone sucked his balls. The cop exploded all over Pistone’s throat and face. It must have been one hell of a mind-blowing orgasm.