Makahiki: The Last Warrior Book 3 OUT NOW!

Makahiki: The Last Warrior Book 3 is out NOW!

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On the anniversary of the ancient Makahiki festival once celebrated in the islands, Lio Paiaki, reincarnated warrior of the lost kingdom of Hawaii, is sent back in time to face his most dangerous enemy yet: himself.

In the final chapter of the exciting Last Warrior series, Lio Paikai rushes to the hospital with his lover, Kord, for the birth of his baby brother, Lono. They’re soon waylaid however, by traffic on the Pali Highway.

Not by cars, but foot traffic. He and Kord, who once were warriors for the last king of Oahu, have intercepted an ancient procession of devotees marching down the old Pali for theMakahiki. They’re stunned to learn dark kahuna forces plan to provide a blood sacrifice for the New Year festival.

The sacrifice they have inadvertently crossed paths with is Lio’s. He must right past wrongs–or there won’t be any future for him or the man he loves.

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WINTER FROST: Orgasmic Texas Dawn 7

Can you feel the cold HEAT??

Winter Frost, the sexy seventh book in the best-selling ORGASMIC TEXAS DAWN series is out NOW!

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As Nicholas and Sean begin to fully embrace their new lives as US Marshals, fate has other plans in store for Jubilee Mason and his husband, Kieran. Will a shocking opponent to their adoption plans wreck the two couples’ friendship?

Kieran, Jubilee, Sean and Nicholas tackle two highly unusual cases in the seventh exciting chapter of Orgasmic Texas Dawn. First they must track down a serial killer from Dallas who travels every weekend killing women in the notorious La Zona district in Mexico. This homicidal maniac kills with such surgical precision he’s nicknamed The Ripper…

Meanwhile, what turns out to be a routine protection assignment for Sean and Trace turns out to be anything but…and on the home front. Kieran and Jubilee are still fighting for legal custody of Juan. Will they soon taste victory or will their lives, like the weather, soon turn to winter frost?

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