“Blood Slave 10: Nibiru Vampire Warriors” is OUT TODAY!

by A.J. LlewellynD.J. Manly |

Book ten in the Blood Slave: Nibiru Vampire Warriors Series

Stride has sent Zero back to Earth in an effort to keep him safe, but there is no safety anywhere. Evil soon follows and so must Stride…

Stride is forced to embrace his new life as Lord of the Underworld. Being in charge of some of the most evil entities the world has ever known comes at a price—the love he desires with Zero. Banishing Zero to the Earth without him, without any memory of Stride, Stride hopes for a new and peaceful life for Zero.

Honouring his destiny, Stride impregnates his sex shifter wife, Tressa who delivers his precious son, Akakios—a magnificent half demon, half vampire. Though Stride adores his child, he quickly realizes the baby isn’t safe with him. There are those who wish to control and manipulate the fast-growing boy. He sends Tressa and Akakios to Earth, hoping they can find peace and contentment. They find anything but…

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series and also contains scenes of MMM ménage and bdsm.

For an excerpt and to purchase, please click this link:http://www.total-e-bound.com/product.asp?strParents=&CAT_ID=&P_ID=1477

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