LAID 3 – OUT NOW!! – And an Update on the late John Bruno

Laid-3 50


I am thrilled to announce that Laid 3 is out today at the fantastic Stiff Rain Press – and that the totally fun story I concocted with the late, great John Bruno.–laid-3-by-aj-llewellyn.html

I’ve been thinking about my friend a lot the last few days, ever since the passing of actor Robin Williams. Both were remarkable men who took their own lives, devastating all those who knew and love them.

John was in pain for a very long time and tried to take his own life several times before succeeding, unfortunately, on January 14, last year.

I still miss the dry, observant, witty, self-effacing man who had such huge dreams and amazing talent, but met constant obstacles that he could no longer overcome.

Depression is a serious illness that robs the people suffering from it of all their senses. Looking back, there are many signs we all could have seen…and did, BUT John was a man who was in counseling and had actually gone to see his therapist on the Saturday before he died. In fact, that night, he checked himself into a motel and took a drug overdose as he had before, but survived.

He returned to his parents’ Michigan home Sunday morning, confessed his suicide attempt, then slept for a full day.

On Monday evening, he crept out of his bedroom window and shot himself in the head.

According to all the reports I’ve read, Mr. Williams too, had been in an AA meeting on Saturday, but took his life two days later.

When someone is determined, they will find a way to silence the dark storms in their minds. John left behind three suicide notes, which I have copies of.  They kept me awake for days, just reading them. Two of them had been written months before – when he’d made earlier attempts. He kept scratching out the dates and putting in new ones. There was a certain macabre humor to these updated notes that were pure John.

The final note however was current and simply devastating. He wrote, in part, “If you want to know why, it’s because I am mentally ill.” He wrote many things, but his handwriting deteriorated at this point to a mind-blurring scramble.

I believe he might have taken anti-anxiety pills, but they were all doctor-prescribed. Ultimately, he had a gun nobody knew about, and he shot himself right in his poor parents’ backyard.

My hope is that Mr. Williams’ passing opens up a discussion about the insidiousness of this disease – and how there are things we still don’t know and the ravages of it.

These were two men who were both seeking and receiving treatment, but nothing worked. The foghorns of doom kept calling them. When I look back on the last weeks of John’s life, a cheery call in December after months of ignored emails and calls was a relief at the time. It’s not that he was Mr. Happy, but he seemed comfortable and focused. We made plans to meet in January here in LA. It turns out his close friends ALL got the same call.

We realized at his funeral that he had in fact no intention of coming here.

He’d called us all to say good-bye.

They say people who’ve made the decision to end their lives act happy toward the end. That wasn’t true of John. He seemed calm, but hardly bubbly.

In fact his last scrawled message on his suicide note said, “I’m scared to die.”

And yet, he wanted it all to end.

I have stopped looking at the notes because they tear at my heart. It is still sore from the loss of my friend and a true, madcap genius who had amazing ideas and a wonderful, warped sense of the ridiculous.

I will miss you forever John, but I have Jack and Lucky, our naughty, naughty creations with which to remember you by.

With a heart full of love an enduring sadness…I miss you.


A.J. xxx

Rainy Days and Mondays – OUT NOW!



Rainy Days and Mondays – part of the Amber PAX Collection of super-hot stories is OUT now! Featuring tight, edge-of-the-seat tales from D.J. Manly, K-lee KleinJamie CraigSean Michael and me! You can buy one or buy’em all. My story is called Rainy Days and Mondays and me likeey!

Here’s the link: for the entire collection:

And for Rainy Days and Mondays :

Rainy Days and Mondays synopsis:

When Mike deCosta arrives in Honolulu in search of his missing brother, Luca, his own life is a mess. His ex-boyfriend still has a hold on him, and Luca seems to have made the same mistakes with his abusive ex-lover, Greg. Not only did Luca take Greg back into his life, but moved to Honolulu with him in search of Greg’s dreams. And now, Luca’s been gone for four days and it was the couple’s crazy, drug-addled landlady who reported him missing. Not Greg. And now, Greg has vanished, too.

Keanu Māhoe is a private investigator and former cop whose specialty is tracing people who’ve come from the mainland and slipped through the cracks of Hawaiian society. He’s immediately attracted to Mike when they meet on the flight from Los Angeles, and the man’s haunting sadness makes Keanu want to reach out and help him. Keanu wants to show Mike the aloha way of life, the value of rainy days and Mondays…the other side of paradise.

Genres: Gay / Contemporary / Mystery / Detective / The Arts
Heat Level: 3
Length: Novella (24k words)

*     *     *

A NOTE BEFORE PURCHASING: This title is part of the Risky Business AmberPax™ Collection. To purchase this title individually, simply use the shopping cart on this page. To purchase this title as part of the entire AmberPax™, however, and receive an even greater discount off our normal retail price, use the shopping cart on the Risky Business AmberPax™ page.

TIKI BAR Author Chat: CHRISTOPHER CRAVEN – Win a FREE Gift Card or one of 5 ebooks!!



My lovely friend, author Christopher Craven, graciously accepted my invitation to answer some very intrusive, er, I mean, informative questions for the very first ever Tiki Bar Author Chat…and here we go! Comment to enter the draw to win one of FIVE free ebook copies he’s offering of his gorgeous new M/M novel, PLIGHT – or a $15 Amazon gift card!!

And now… It’s tiki time!

Hi Christopher, and thank you for visiting my authors’ hideaway tiki bar. With the ocean to your left and the mountains to your right, you can have whatever cocktail you like. What is your favorite?

I’ll take a delectable Bay Breeze any day of the week! ;-)


Now, onto the important stuff. The interrogation. Er, I mean, the questions.

You and I share a love of Hawaii. What led to your passion for it? I see on your Facebook page you have a bar in your office and you plan to add Hawaiian decor…what will you put in it?

Well it’s a great work in progress—a term we authors on the market coin any project that has consumed at least one of our thousand brain cells. I mean literally, I do have a day job and work in a very busy pharmacy. But I have the fundamentals for my fun office project: A mini fridge. A mobile storage cabinet/countertop purposed primarily for a kitchen (but it works GREAT for this project). Then of course what would a Hawaiian themed party be without a Palm plant? I’m sure I’ll acquire some wall décor in due time.

I read on FB you are planning to move to Hilo, HI at the end of next year. Have you spent much time there? Do you love the rain? It rains a LOT there…lol

You know? The basis of my life in the past handful of years have been by the seat of my pants. Being Autistic, this actually comes quite opposite from what I usually prefer. I like things to be in order, I always love to know exactly what to expect from any situation and most of all, I typically don’t do anything willy-nilly. But the foundation of my life in the past 4 years have been themed: “Willy Nilly.” Sorry, I suppose I deflected the question a bit. To be quite honest, I’ve never been to Hawaii. I have several friends and even a couple author friends whom currently or have lived down in paradise. A few of these friends have told me all about Hilo and its beautiful wonders. I decided that while I’m finally going to be settling down in life, why not choose such a slower, lower atmosphere? It certainly bodes well for lower blood pressure and the weekly adventure opportunities are plentiful.

I know you have a few books out and your latest, “Plight” is doing very well. You describe it as a novel of suspense. You’ve also said the two leads, Miles Turner and Landon Black are your “babies.” You have the sequel to this book, “Accord” coming out soon…and you’ve written a prequel. What is it about these two men that has you writing all these stories?

Yes, “Plight” has done pretty dang well! It has seemed to slow down a bit though (which is okay with me because more is just on the horizon and it will probably spark new interest and sales in case readers haven’t read it yet in order to follow the plot in the sequel.) Miles Turner and Landon Black really are just like children to me. They are the first products of my imagination when I decided to write in the Gay Romance genre. Since I’m not a parent, all I’ve got to spoil and think about are my “literary first borns.”  Miles is a defense attorney. He’s got an average build, refined appearance and will always be the first man in my head to pull off wearing a black silk tie naked. Who could resist such charm? While the storyline in “Plight” alludes to Miles as a true Californian, this is only a result of his relocation after his mother passed away during his years of Law school. Inside, Miles is from the Midwest—Indianapolis to be quite exact.

Landon Black is a former underwear model who decided to step out from in front of the camera when he met Miles. “Plight” places him in his educational part of life when he decided to get a degree in Accounting. (Quite a stark opposite, which makes it interesting while writing his character in the Prequel “Tryst”)

What makes a hero appealing to you in fiction?

I absolutely despise picture perfect everything! Life isn’t perfect—it never has and never will be (unless you’re born into the Royal Family… then that’s its own situation altogether. What makes a hero appealing to me is one with real life issues. Drama. I tend to have a flair for the dramatics (so I’m told by everyone around me) so why not write about it, too?

Do you have a day job and how do you juggle it with your writing? I know you worked as a pharmacist. Will we ever see this pop up in one of your stories?

Actually I have never been a pharmacist to the very definition. I am a Pharmacy Technician (which is a career in itself). I have been in the pharmacy world for about four years. I wanted to attend Pharmacy school to be a Pharmacist, but I won’t lie and say I thought it was going to be an easy feat. Having a major in English, some of the required classes did not appeal to me after looking in from the outside. I work 40+ hours and arrive home typically in the mood to flounder about my home in boxers and a cocktail—completely forgetting about the day at work! How do I juggle in writing? Well, that comes primarily on days off and some nights if I’ve taken a couple hours nap prior to waking and accomplishing some writing.

What elements in your work space are crucial? And do you have any sacred writing rituals?

Did I mention I have Asperger’s Syndrome (High Functioning Autism)?? HA! Rituals and routines are my middle name! I absolutely love music of all types and most generally you’ll find my Spotify playing whenever I’m hunkered down in my office to work or write. If I don’t have music playing, I’m probably squandering around the internet or doing mindless tasks, or talking on the phone! As far as sacred, nothing in my life is as secret as it probably should be. Being the loner type, my life is publicized on Facebook even down to probably what I ate for lunch that day. Having the newly established minibar in my office has helped me focus during my chunks of writing because short of using the bathroom, I am not forced to become distracted by entering my kitchen to get a drink and think about twelve million other things I should be doing. Office to bathroom, bathroom to office. How simplified, right?

I know you used to work at Sam’s Club Photo…according to your FB wall. Did people ever bring in weird pics to be developed?

Yes, absolutely! I can recall a couple “homemade boudoirs sessions” scrolling through my photo station… and pardon me for saying—but I can remember my chauvinistic store manager giving permission to print them anyway, because he let his pecker decide for him. And by homemade, I mean “risqué” to the point a gay man like myself wanted to vomit profusely.

I see you’re writing a nonfiction story about a gay, autistic man. What aspect will be the focus of this story and is this somebody who is a close friend? Or, is it, as you’ve suggested on FB…you?

Yep. It’s pretty much an autobiographical commentary style about my life and my journeys. How I found out I was gay and the personal/relational struggles that come in between the Asperger’s and my own desires. Most who know me also know my real name and this will be a nice project to interweave my real name and highlight certain aspects of writing Gay Romance even though I constantly face my own relational challenges as an Aspie.

Have you lived in Colarado all your life? Will you miss it? I see you use it as a locale for many of your stories.

I have lived in Colorado a great portion of my life. However, it isn’t the only place. I have lived in Salt Lake City, UT as well as venturing out to the Midwest (Indianapolis, IN) for a handful of years. There’s an old adage, “You write what you know.” So I suppose I find it fun to write about the places I’ve discovered. While “Plight” takes place in Colorado to some extent, it starts and ends in Los Angeles. Have I lived there? No. But it is also quite fun to research the places you haven’t lived in for story details as well.

Is it hard to meet good guys there? I was intrigued about your FB post about the guy you were dating who said, quote, “I’m sorry, I guess I’m just not as gay as I’d like to be.” What does THAT mean by the way? And did he really choose not to wear deodorant???

That guy was a joke! And yes, he decidedly did NOT wear deodorant. Though he was an out of work professor with his PhD in Microbiology. One would think he’d know the benefits of proper hygiene. But then again, that’s probably why he’s out of work in the first place! GROSS. And yes, I slept with him in MY OWN BED. I’ve since washed my bedding and have fancied the thought of replacing it altogether! Yes, Colorado is a rough place to find a good guy. There are lots of hillbilly – backwoods guys that are widely homophobic. That being said, finding a good gay man here would be akin to winning the lottery!

What is the worst date you ever had…or was he it?

You know, it actually wasn’t the worst date ever. While his gross and disgusting qualities surfaced only after the second and third interactions, he hasn’t been the worst. If you’d believe it or not, the worst was the first time I spent the night at a guy’s house after dating a week or so and practically planning our lives together. Since my life’s practically a matter of public record, Todd actually was the guy to take my virginity. While I lean towards older guys, he definitely was older. (By fifteen years, in fact!) But since I’d actually known him for 10 years through a past friendship, we’d supposedly moved past age and both agreed that it’s just a number. The very next morning, Todd tells me, “I am not ready to be in a relationship with anyone and you’re way too young for me. I feel like I’m screwing my stepson who’s the same age.”  So that pretty much takes precedence of worst dates EVER! (I’m left with the question… Is it ALWAYS the “first times” that are the worst?)

Okay, here’s a question. If you could invite any six famous people to dinner – alive or dead – who would it be and what would you serve them?

Great question! If I were to entertain anyone famous from past or present, I’d probably rely on some great French Cuisine catering. Why would I dare let them taste my own cooking? What if they didn’t like it? LOL Who? The guest list would include:

1)      Maya Angelou—I adore every part of her. She was such a convalescent spirit and will be missed.

2)      Luke Bryan—I love everything about him. If only he was gay…

3)      Seth Rogan—While he’d probably be awesome in bed after dinner, I’d most want to learn more about him and his life as a comedic actor. Oh and also because he and I share one of the same pairs of “tortoise shell” RayBan eyeglasses.

4)      Ellen DeGeneres—I love her personality and she’s probably just as genuine in real life.

5)      Jimmy Carter—I have always wanted to meet him and learn about all his adventures.

6)      James Scott—(EJ DiMera from ‘Days of Our Lives’) strictly just for the eye-candy!


And…what are your top 10 desert island keeper books you’ve read?

Did you say dessert? Ohh I’ll take a handful of French Macaron’s, please! Oh DESERT… I haven’t read many that would classify as Desert Island Keeper books. But I do believe that the J.D. Robb ‘In Death’ series would be considered in that realm and I have read the first one of hers. Not sure if anything else I’ve read would be classified as such.

Apart from your non fic book, what else do you have in the pipeline?

There is indeed a short story about a Pharmacist. But that will come only after I make progress with the biggest book of my creation which releases around Christmastime this year. It is called “Critical Pursuit” and the details of such awesomesauce (along with everything else) can be found on my website listed below.

Please provide a synopsis, excerpt and purchase links for “Plight.” Will you be doing an ebook giveaway?

Yes. I will be doing a giveaway! I’d like to give away a free Kindle Copy or All Romance Ebooks copy of “Plight” in addition to a $15.00 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky commenter at random that answers this question correctly: What are my two favorite desserts?

Then because I desire giving things away—I’ll give away a free Amazon Kindle or All Romance Ebooks copy of “Plight” to five lucky commenters at random.

Because my schedule is usually always packed, allow a week for me to electronically deliver all prizes. I will email winners asking their preference of Kindle version or ARe version.


“Plight” Synopsis:

As a defense attorney, Miles Turner believes everything in his life is supreme. At the peak of his career, he takes on a high profile case that if he plays his cards right, would sufficiently line his wallet. The task is to defend a famed heir notorious for his constant troubling attention in the limelight. Miles finds resolve to all of his issues through his partner, but the recent decline in his everyday wellbeing compromises this trust.

After stumbling upon Miles in a bookstore, former underwear model Landon Black is finally settling down in life. To occupy his time, he takes classes to earn a degree as an accounting major. But studying late at night comes difficult with the extra-curricular activities deep within their Los Angeles abode. Landon has finally discovered the simple joys—love, learning and life.

With an impromptu family reunion back home in Colorado, Landon cannot fathom which of those simplicities could break when they spend a weekend around his prejudiced father. But as members of the “Black Pack” come together in the snow capped mountains of Colorado at Lake Alexander, no-one can see what’s looming ahead– an event with consequences so severe it stands to alter all of their lives forever. Prepared with nothing but his integrity and a heart full of hope, Miles is praying for a miracle while Landon, forced to play a high stakes game of life-or-death, is asking himself if the love he has is enough to offer.


And what are your contact links?

Thanks for stopping by. The cabana boys will be mixing you another drink before you hit the beach!



The Ghost of Get Me Some Corners



The Ghost of Get Me Some Corners, part of the Amber Allure “Haunting Words” PAX – buy one story or buy ‘em all! is OUT TODAY!

When Ian gets promoted and transferred to head up a new office for his computer firm in Greenhill Groves, it seems a great boost to his career, but he also suspects it might just be the death knell regarding his sex life. Then, with the help of his hot assistant Steve, Ian learns about a happening dance club located at the end of a dead end street, a legendary spot that gay men used to refer to back in the 1970s as “Get Me Some Corners.”

One night, loaded with high expectations, Ian decides to check out the hook-up joint. To his surprise, he not only meets a gorgeous guy named Zach, but also has the best sex of his life in the club’s darkened back room with multiple partners.
But despite all this, Ian can’t shake the notion that something isn’t quite right at the bar…not quite right at all…
Genres: Gay/Paranormal/Ghosts/Hauntings/Suspense/Thriller/BDSM (Light)/Menage (M/M/M)/ Group Sex
Heat Level: 3
Length: Novella (23k words) 
Read a short excerpt…
…My new pal, Ted, put the beer down in front of me then leaned closer. “That’s called Ambrosia. It’s the back room. No guilt, no obligation. Do what you feel and you don’t have to cook ’em breakfast.”
I laughed. “The back room.”
“The back something,” he said with a chuckle.
Just then another guy came up to the bar and signaled Ted, and he walked away.
I drank some of the beer and licked my lips, watching a guy come out of the back room, adjusting his cock in his pants. I needed this. I needed some good old anonymous sex in that back room.
I downed the beer and got off the stool. Slowly, I wandered past the men sitting at the tables, drinking and fondling each other. At the last table, I noticed a man sitting alone. His back was toward me. I wondered what he was looking at since there were no windows. I stood watching him for a few seconds. He had beautiful hair, dark, shiny, long, touching his shoulders. I almost reached out to feel it.
Then he turned and saw me. I took a step back. He was really gorgeous, with a beautiful face, and brilliant blue eyes. He smiled at me, and my knees went weak. “Hello,” he said. “What’s your name?”
“Ian. That’s nice. I’m Zachary. I’ve never seen you here before. You’re new.”
“Yes.” I nodded. “I just moved here. I’m setting up a new office for Wizardworld computers.”
He just stared at me.
“Ah, what do you do?” I asked.
“Hang around here waiting for men like you.”
I laughed. “I see.”
He stood, and I saw that he was tall and well built. He wore jeans and a shirt with faded flowers on it. I noticed his jeans were wide-legged. Maybe they were back in style now. His shirt looked rather old.
“Is something wrong?” he asked.
“No. I…just…nice shirt.”
He laughed. “Really? It’s wearing out now.”
“You must like it,” I said.
“Have no choice. It’s my club shirt.”
“Oh, I see.” I smiled at him. “Do you think it helps you get lucky?”
“Something like that,” he whispered.
“My father had an old pair of shoes he wore whenever he went to the horse races. He swore he couldn’t win unless he had them on. They were falling apart before my mother convinced him to give them up.”
“He was superstitious.”
He glanced at the door. “Going in?”
I smiled and nodded. “You?”
“I’ll be right behind you,” he replied.
The guy was hot and I couldn’t wait to walk into that room. The fact that he’d be right behind me meant he’d find me and, Lord, I wanted to be found…
For more info and for purchase here is a direct link to the book:

Night School Vampire


Purchase Link:

t’s tough being a vampire. For one thing, there’s so much time on your hands. And for another, being undead for centuries means that you meet way too many stupid people…

Socrates Delis, since he has to be awake at night, wonders why he shouldn’t make better use of his time. So to ease his loneliness and hopefully meet a more educated group of people, he enrolls in night school at UCLA’s extension courses and quickly finds that poetry isn’t the only thing on the agenda. Somebody is killing off young gay men around town, and students are nervous. And by the way, didn’t Socrates swear off love? So why’s he finding himself attracted to his hot, human teacher?

Devin Gold loves his work. The great poets are his favorites to share with his English lit students, and while teaching, his life often seems just about perfect. But holy heck, his crazy Uncle Vince just blew into town and has even invaded Devin’s night classes, disrupting his life. Uncle Vince and Devin’s mom think they’re vampire hunters. Devin knows there’s no such thing, and has lived with the shame of their insanity all his life. Now his uncle swears that LA, even night school, is swarming with fangers.

How can Devin keep his sudden attraction to his handsome new student, Socrates, a secret? He’s not sure, but he has to try, especially since his obsessive uncle will undoubtedly insist that Socrates is a vampire. It’s tough being a sane human in La La Land…

Genres: Gay / Dark Fantasy / Vampire / Ménage (M/M/M) / Group Sex / Voyeurism
Heat Level: 3
Length: Novella (25k words)

*     *     *

A NOTE BEFORE PURCHASING: This title is part of the Vive La Différence AmberPax™ Collection. To purchase this title individually, simply use the shopping cart on this page. To purchase this title as part of the entire AmberPax™, however, and receive an even greater discount off our normal retail price, use the shopping cart on the Vive La Différence AmberPax™ page.

Purchase Link:


Love off the Radar – 14 Tantalizing Paranormal Romances – OUT NOW!


D.J. Manly and I are proud to introduce our first joint effort under our newly created company, DJ/AJ Books.

Love off the Radar: 14 Otherworldly Tales features some previously-published short stories and some spanky-new ones! The title story, Love off the Radar, a mad shifter romance is our newest collaboration.

Purchase Links:


All Romance eBooks:


Stories included:

1. Chaos – D.J. Manly

A young man blackmails Gareth into giving him a ride to the next truck stop. Little does Gareth know what the gods have in store for him and his new companion.

2. Hardsex  -  A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly

Is it real? Or is it…Fantasium?

3. Before Morning – A.J. Llewellyn

A volcanic vampire tale set in Feudal Japan. In the shadow of the last eruption of Mount Fuji, can two men find love and redemption…Before Morning?

4. Disciplining Baron – D.J. Manly

The emperor has no choice but to join an alliance in order to save his planet’s environment. His son, Baron, is not pleased with the turn of events, and refuses to wear green to the ceremony…that is until he meets Derek, the mind reading cleaner, who knows exactly how to make him toe the line.

5. Banished – A.J. Llewellyn

Hawaiian kahuna, Mahini is banished for violating huna law. Can he find a new life, even love on a remote volcanic island or only death?

6. The Erotic Ramblings of a Vampire – D.J. Manly

Damion the vampire decided to write his erotic memoirs…read on…if you dare!

7. The Erotic Ramblings of a Werewolf – D.J. Manly

Christopher decides to try his hand at writing his story. Why should Damion, the vampire, have all the fun?

8. Mojo Rising – A.J. Llewellyn

On a South Seas island, a village chief finds unexpected love and a cure for a curse…in the arms of another man…

9. Clean Monday – A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly

Aleczander is a young man who has survived a suicide attempt only to wonder why. Will he, can he, ever find love with another man when he hasn’t ever been with one in the first place?

10.  Louisiana Lust – D.J. Manly

Love in the Bayou sometimes takes the most unusual turn.

11. With this Ring – A.J. Llewellyn

Dead men do tell tales! Boy meets boy, boy loses boy. Boy almost…eats boy?

12.  Scorcher – D.J. Manly

A young scientist’s erotic dreams lead him to rediscover a mysterious past, in what is believed to be the lost city of Atlantis.

13. Santorinas – A.J. Llewellyn

They survived the destruction of the Sacred Band of Thebes, but can these two lovers survive the fall of Atlantis?

14. Love off the Radar – A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly

Which will kill Mo Dingley first? Love, or a curse?

Santa San: A Japanese Christmas in Hawaii – OUT NOW!!!

My hot new Christmas book is out today at Amber Allure! Santa San: A Japanese Christmas in Hawaii has lots of hot, tropical sex, fried chicken…and a real life honest-to-God restaurant owner called the Angry Korean Lady!

Purchase Link:

Koh Timura returns home to Honolulu for the holidays. It’s the first time he’s celebrated Christmas since his mother’s death years earlier. But unemployment and dealing with his stubborn dad and his extremely young stepmother doesn’t make Kohn feel especially merry and bright. His Japanese-born father is a traditionalist who likes to celebrate with the old country ways of doing things—fried chicken on the table and Santa-San bringing gifts to all.

But Koh soon learns that everybody deals with pain and loss in different ways. As he adjusts to being back in the islands, he encounters Adam Takagawa, the guy he loved all through high school. Will their passion flare again? Can some things broken really be fixed? Is sad and lonely Koh due a Christmas miracle after all?

Genres: Gay / Contemporary
Heat Level: 
Length: Novella (18k words)

purchase link:




OUT TODAY! Pick up your Kindle copy here: – Paperback version coming soon!

Warm up with this hot new collection of Hawaiian mysteries as you contemplate post-Thanksgiving turkey and possible crowds at the mall, why not give YOURSELF a little gift? I am proud and pleased to announce that MYSTERY in PARADISE, featuring 13 tales of suspense – including my own Poi Dog – is available today on Amazon!

At $2.99 this huge and wonderful anthology was put together by the Hawaii branch of Sisters in Crime and I am thrilled to be a part of it. ALL proceeds will go to aid local island charities.


From cozy mystery to classic crime, from gumshoe to urban noir, MYSTERY IN PARADISE is a collection of twisted, heart-pumping tales of suspense in all its guises. These 13 utterly unforgettable stories by 13 of the hottest authors to hit Hawai`i’s literary scene are sure to leave you with ‘chicken skin’ as they take you on a ride through the seamier side of Paradise.
Chinatown has always been good for a mystery. THE JOSS AT TABLE TWELVE is a traditional cozy. In THE CHINATOWN CONUNDRUM, a reporter gets the scoop on a bloodless corpse found in a back alley. In THE FACE by Greg Field, an off-duty HPD detective and a fourteen-year-old girl team up to investigate the murder of a homeless man beaten beyond recognition. A seemingly simple infidelity case soon turns deadly, in THE KAHALA CAPER.
THE MAN WITH THE BLACK FEET poses the question: What happens when a man is stripped of everything that makes him feel important—his career, his family, his health …? In POI DOG, a fraud examiner thinks it’s going to be a dreary day in Waikīkī, but appearances can be deceiving. LOVE SHACK questions the meaning of loyalty, the depth of love, and the seduction of greed. In ADRIFT ON KANEOHE BAY, a glorious day-sail takes a tack into a deadly enigma. In TOURISTS, islanders know no matter how romantic, you don’t swim at night. Mystery shows its humorous side in BAD HAIR DAY, when two pals take up the search for a missing Honda. GLORIA was the best. But what does that mean? Why did she die? In WAR, LOVE, FOOD, AND TRUST by Rose Mary Thompson, a woman works under cover to learn whether Honolulu restaurants are compliant with World War I conservation regulations. Psychological thriller FROSTED is the tale of a woman with an icy stare and a chilling secret.
MYSTERY IN PARADISE 13 Tales of Suspense will take you on a colorful trip around the islands, and show you a bit about Hawaiian culture, its people, and life in paradise. Enjoy!
Aloha from the anthology authors and editors: Lourdes Venard, Rose Mary Thompson, Lehua Parker, Bob Newell, Patricia Morin, Tyler Miranda, Rosemary and Larry Mild, A.J. Llewellyn, Laureen Kwock, Laurie Hanan, A K Gunn, Greg Field, and Gail M Baugniet


Just A Gigolo

Just A Gigolo is OUT NOW!!


Just A Gigolo
by A. J. Llewellyn
ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-488-5 (Electronic)

Ricky Marcel’s been in LA for eleven months, struggling to prove his dad back home in Bourbon, Kansas, wrong. Very wrong. Ricky has the chops to make it as an actor. He proves it every day, charming not only his customers at the restaurant where he works, but also the numerous casting agents he sees for auditions.

When he’s called in to read for a super-secret series, Ricky’s stunned to find he’s on the fast track to a fake reality show about gay gigolos. He’s been in the closet so long he has no clue where the key is located. But the fancy Bel Air pad that comes with his job, not to mention the money, influence him to go for it.

Then there’s Drake Hardy, a mysterious figure who is not only incredibly sexy, but the show’s producer. The attraction between the two men is immediate. Yet Ricky becomes frightened when he learns that Drake is a Dom. Can Ricky not only be a whore on TV, but Drake’s personal sex slave as well?

What’s a guy to do when he’s just a gigolo?

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The Man and the Voice Behind Phantom Lover

By A.J. Llewellyn

They say in Hollywood that your career is made by those you meet, not your qualifications, resume…whatever.

Some years ago, I befriended the charismatic actor Don Scribner. He was not only handsome, bright, funny and thoughtful, but oh, so talented, too. We used to talk boxing (we’re both fans) and after a stellar turn in the movie, The Cooler, Don penned a one-man show called Two Rooms in the Valley, which remains the most impressive tour de force I’ve ever seen.

I still laugh as he describes his first big movie, Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity…and cringe with him thinking about the terrible date he had with a woman who turned her nose up at his apartment…his two rooms in the valley.

Don writes like he talks. So descriptive. So real.

I was so taken by his self-deprecation and the emotion and humor in his performance, that I booked him to re-stage it for my local library. I’d known Don a long time but it was something else to see the way he prepared himself weeks in advance for this single performance.

The old ladies who relied on me to book authors for the Distinguished Speaker Series had been enthralled with the huge-name authors I’d been able to bring to the library. They were wonderfully supportive of bringing Don in with his show. I’d seen it and they trusted me when I said it was riveting. I hoped we’d draw a good crowd but none of us expected a beyond-capacity audience.

Our poor security guy was fending off latecomers for the entire ninety minutes Don told us the story of his life and career in Hollywood. He drew the biggest crowd we’d ever had. I was so happy for him!

When I wrote Phantom Lover and it was published, Don read it. He was very accepting of my choice to write M/M and very encouraging about my work. He said some beautiful things about my writing and the language…you know, the stuff authors long to hear.

Then he blew me away by offering to do the audio version of Phantom Lover. I was stunned.

Don did his usual impeccable preparation. He sat down with me in our favorite coffee shop and he asked me for exact pronunciation of all the Hawaiian words. He has a gorgeous voice and absolutely killed it in the recording of this sensual story.

Don is straight. I mention this because he didn’t balk at the full-on dialogue. When he finished recording the book, my brother put the chapters together, condensed and mixed it and I got some royalty-free music which he used at the beginning, between the chapters and at the end.

The final product was sensational. I gave it to my publisher at the time who put it on her website and Fictionwise. Then Fictionwise abandoned audio books and the audio book languished. Don asked me to give him a “character name” for his voice work.

And I did. We called him Donnie Don Don.

I finally found a great home for the audio book at Silver Publishing, with a fantastic new cover. I hope we have huge sales!

But I digress…

Don is finally allowing me to bring him out of the shadows and to identify him as THE VOICE!

Don Scribner is one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood.  He’s having a huge surge work-wise and you can look forward to seeing him in the leading roles in the movies The Guide, Appleton, Newark County, and a bunch of other roles as well.

I hope we’ll also be seeing him in the movie version of his astonishing book, Who Killed Love, which has just been published.


It’s one of the finest books I’ve ever read. I’d say it’s a literary mystery with fantastic lines on every page.

I wish I’d written this book, but I didn’t.

To help my friend celebrate his huge achievement (he’s working on the sequel now) we’re offering  a special 20% discount on purchases of Who Killed Love. To sweeten the deal, if you purchase the book, I’ll send you a FREE audio copy of Phantom Lover.

What you need to know:

A synopsis for Who Killed Love:

Harlan “Harley” Saltz is a writer with a problem. He’s invited to a wedding. Weddings make Harley nervous. Especially when the bride is the woman he still loves…and she’s marrying another man.

Harley notices the details, the small moments that make up a minute, an hour, a single day. Losing Teri was his decision because, frankly, he couldn’t afford to keep her in the style in which they both feel she should be accustomed.

Life is full of ironies. She’s like the tax man, she gave and took. For example, she was the one who put the greeting card program on his trusty computer. He takes a long time to compose a proper wedding card for her. After all, what do you say to a woman who still has your heart but is walking down the aisle with some other guy?

And she took. Oh, yeah. She took. The love she gave to him…who killed it?

You can read an extended synopsis here:

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