They’re Baaaack! A Vampire in Waikiki is OUT NOW!!


Do you know how to tell if your husband has recently been having sex?

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I’m thrilled to announce that A Vampire in Waikiki is our now through The Pele Press! The first book in my Waikiki Vampires series has been re-released and is available on Amazon NOW! Other links coming soon!


Gay-for-pay porn star Jimmy Thunder doesn’t just have a double life, he’s got three. Just when he thinks he has all his big secrets under control, he discovers mind-blowing sex and the emerging feelings of true love with his gay co-star, Angelis. And it’s no fluke. These guys just can’t keep their hands off each other, doing unscripted, hot sex scenes that thrill their director, but for Jimmy, it’s actually one more problem he doesn’t need.

His most recent ex-girlfriend claims she’s pregnant, his current girl is fighting deportation, and just what is that deadly entity lurking in Angelis’ second bedroom? Jimmy knows an otherworldly monster when he feels one. And he ought to know, because Jimmy’s a vampire. Sleeping by day, hiding at night, Jimmy’s many secrets are about to collide in the sinister, dark side of tropical Waikiki few visitors ever see.


Mated: Mingo McCloud Book 4 – OUT NOW!



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Forensic accountant Mingo McCloud, his lover, Francois, and their son, Ferric, are in Hartford, Connecticut, for their best friends’ wedding. On a mission to pick up the brides’ wedding cake, Mingo and Ferric are carjacked. Francois, furious that he wasn’t there to protect his family, drops the super-secret case on which he’s been working to take Mingo and Ferric for a quick, sun-drenched trip to his birthplace of St. Martin in the Caribbean.

Unbelievably, Mingo and Ferric encounter the same two men who carjacked them in Hartford, and it soon emerges that they’re connected to Francois’ latest security assignment. Francois is now hell-bent on revenge, whilst Mingo must deal with long-dormant feelings for his ex-lover, Kaolin, who is also on vacation in St. Martin. Kaolin wants Mingo back and will do anything to win his heart, even marry him. But there’s another guy hovering, too, hunky FBI agent Sage Brantley, who wants another hot threesome with Mingo and Francois.

Who will die? Who will get bedded? Are Mingo and Francois fated to be mated, and were the carjackers’ guns made in Taiwan?

The Wine-Dark Sea is OUT NOW!

wine dark sea NEW

The Wine-Dark Sea, one of my favorite books is OUT NOW!

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Paperback: TO COME!


Daniel is an elegant chair… 
He’s a handsome Englishman. A successful writer living in Paris, writing guidebooks that help people discover the secret delights of the city and country he loves. As for discovering the secrets to navigating the treacherous Paris social scene, Daniel himself relies on a book, which imparts some unusual advice—be an elegant chair, seen and not heard. And he’s getting a lot of practice. His last lover, Alain, is undergoing a tremendous transformation that he didn’t confide in Daniel. His current lover, Francois, is a celebrated artist, as arrogant as he is amorous. Their needs and dramas overshadow everything, including Daniel.

He is a very elegant chair…

Against a backdrop of the world’s most romantic city, between rounds of sizzling sex and sensational betrayal, Alain and Francois teach Daniel about passion and pain, loss and lust, gentle humor and poignant heartache.

It will take someone else, someone unexpected, to teach him about love.


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A.J. and D.J. are back!!! The Odds – OUT NOW!


Our first new novel in quite some time is out today at Loose Id!

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THE ODDS by D.J. Manly and A.J. Llewellyn


Hot guitar player Angus Mackay learned how to escape unhappiness early in life. The only love he’d ever felt came from his big sister, Debbie. When he learns she is dying, he’s forced to return home and face not only his demons, but hers as well. He must deal with Steven, the lover he left behind, who helped Debbie raise her daughter, Sherry. But Angus is in for a rude shock. Not only must he confront his past, but what could have been his future because Eli Borich, a man he had an amazing one-night stand with, is Steve’s lodger, friend, and employee. Can Angus cope with it all?

Eli had his hopes set on a musical career and a relationship with Angus before they’d even met. Given the chance to play one night in Angus’s band, his hopes rose then fell when Angus split town and didn’t look back. Eli’s musical hopes have died but he senses that Angus isn’t as indifferent as he initially seems. What are the odds that Eli’s luck is about to change for the better?


Bonded: Mingo McCloud, #3 OUT NOW!


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Forensic accountant Mingo McCloud and his lover Francois Aumary are back! First they were WANTED, then they were NEEDED, now they are BONDED…to each other and to a strange, electrifying case at ‘Iolani Palace. As Honolulu’s dynamic duo wrangles two hot new criminal cases involving a fake king and fake money, Francois’ past catches up with him. Can Mingo handle Francois’ revelations and the huge changes they bring?

And what of the “king” who claims to be the rightful heir to the lost Hawaiian crown? What is his connection to Mingo, and what does Mingo’s mom have to do with it all?

And what about hunky FBI agent Sage Brantley who wants to team up with our guys for another scorching threesome? Will they do it?

There’s malice in the palace, and Mingo and Francois hope to find the answers to all of these questions…if they don’t wind up in the pokey instead…

NOTE: This book was previously published. This reissued version of the book has been reedited.


Hula Pie and Coconut Bras – a brand new Abe Torufu Mystery OUT NOW!


Hula Pie and Coconut Bras, book 3 in my Abe Torufu series for award winning author Tony Neal’s LEI CRIME SERIES is out NOW! Pick up your copy today piping hot and fresh right here:

Can Abe, Lei, and Tony catch a madman before it’s too late?

Maui Police Department Detective Abe Torufu and Sergeant Lei Texeira sign up for a rigorous Violent Offenders Warrant Squad training course in Honolulu.
With 91% of Honolulu’s major crimes being unsolved – one of the highest numbers in the nation – Abe and Lei jump at the chance to be involved.
Having failed their bomb course the last time they teamed up however, they’re anxious to prove themselves. Before they can even get started, Lei, Abe, and US Marshal Tony McCracken witness a young woman being abducted at gunpoint by a masked man in a white van.
They run to her rescue but the suspect stuffs the girl into the van. As he drives away, a blood-spattered cell phone clatters to the ground.
With the murder of another young woman the previous week, HPD mobilizes an island-wide search amid fears that a serial killer is at work because these two cases are eerily similar to the five unsolved Honolulu Strangler homicides from 1986.
Then a third girl goes missing.
Could the Strangler still be alive?
Anc Lei, Abe, and Tony find the two girls before it’s too late?

This story takes place after Bone Hook.


It’s… About You!


About You, my sexy new M/M romance novel is available for pre-order from Pride Publishing!

Here is the link:

And here is the scoop!

The psychic predicted Ky would meet his one and only. What in the world does he do with two guys who both match her description?

Ky Maxwell is desperate for work. When his cushy studio PR job disappears, his former boss takes pity on him, referring him to an independent movie company going into production with a huge sci-fi trilogy.

Ky’s excited until Lisa, his prospective employer, insists on doing an astrological chart of Ky as part of the interview, along with a psychic reading. His crazy maybe-boss predicts a new man coming into Ky’s life. She goes into great detail. He’s a fire sign, probably a Leo, his first name starts with a T, he’s in his early 30s. And…he’s the one!

Ky couldn’t be less interested. He needs work. Love won’t pay the bills. He doesn’t get the job because Lisa believes their stars are out of alignment. Really? The reading is proving to be frighteningly accurate. Since he’s cut off from her, though, he has no idea which of the two wonderful new guys he meets is his forever man. How can he choose? Or will they, too, soon vanish as fast as Ky’s last paycheck?

Publisher’s Note: This book has previously been released elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release with Pride Publishing.

General Release Date: 13th December 2016

Get Tame!



My HOT werewolf M/M romance TAME is out now at MLR Press! Grab you piping-hot copy TODAY!

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TAME by A. J. Llewellyn

Ludo might be the most magnificent man Cavan’s ever met…but why does he say he’s…tame?


It’s Halloween and LAPD cop Cavan Carmichael is expecting spooky things…this is LA, after all. But who could have predicted a late night animal abuse call would reveal a beaten, chained-up man in a garden shed?


Cavan rescues the bruised and bloodied man who rasps the mysterious words, “Don’t worry I’m tame.”


But is he? Nothing about him adds up. For every medical test the doctors perform, come only more questions. When Ludo is admitted to the hospital he has grievous injuries inflicted by a despicable assailant via antique instruments of torture.


Unbelievably, these injuries heal fast and Cavan, who visits the recuperating man finds he is attracted and intrigued. But can he overlook such oddities as bristles under the man’s tongue or strange wolf hairs in his wounds?


Is the most beautiful man Cavan has ever seen, really…tame?

Mingo McCloud Book 2: Needed is OUT NOW!!


First he was WANTED, now he’s NEEDED! Mingo McCloud is back in action in the islands!

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Mingo McCloud, Honolulu’s hottest – and only criminal forensic accountant. Mingo has settled into professional and personal bliss on Oahu’s North Shore. His life with his lover, Francois, a security expert with mysterious ties to military and DEA authorities, is on course until Francois accepts an apparently routine case of outfitting a Caribbean billionaire’s luxury holiday home with state of the art security.

When their home is ransacked and Mingo’s car is blown up and a tropical storm heads right toward St. Martin, where Francois was last seen, Mingo becomes frantic when his lover vanishes. He heads to the islands even though travelers are being turned away. Nothing will stop him from finding his missing man. Mingo thought he needed Francois, but realizes, as deadly forces try to stop him, that he, himself, is needed.

HOT Excerpt:

It felt weird being on the hectic east side of the island again. We rarely came here. We were homebodies and we also loved our more natural side of the island. If we ventured away, it was usually to the windward side, to Kailua or any parts in between that town and ours. We loved the wild parts of the island.

Hey, we were backtracking. Since Waikiki was a maze of one-way streets, this wasn’t unusual. However, we were now heading away from the freeway. I was about to call his cell phone when I followed him down tiny Lewers Street. My heart gave a pleasant skip. I loved the hotels here. They were all expensive and gorgeous. There was one very handsome resort, the Hale Koa, set in the middle of emerald-green landscaping especially built for members of the US military. They could come and stay here for their R-and-Rs. We’d been there a couple of times, since Francois was ex-military. It was a wonderful place.

But no, we sped right past it. He stopped right outside the Halekulani. Oh, no…it was only my favorite place in the world.

“What are we doing here?” I asked him as I got out of my car and a cute valet guy all dressed in white drove off with my wheels.

“Making good on the second part of my promise,” Francois said, his hand resting briefly on my lower back.

I couldn’t speak. I was too busy grinning like a simpleton. I felt my cock moistening my boxer briefs inside my suit pants. I wanted him in the worst way. As we entered the cool confines of the luxury resort hotel, I felt quite decadent being here on a weekday a little after noon. We usually came for cocktails, pupus and the lovely hula and music at sunset. But this was a first. With a jolt, I realized it was my first nooner with Francois. Actually, my first nooner ever.

Francois did the check-in thing. We drew a few glances. He was an imposing figure with his six-foot-four frame. I was no slouch at around six feet, but I could tell a few people at the front desk were wondering about us. We walked to the bank of elevators, the sea breeze wafting to us between elegant orchid displays and strategically placed palm fronds.

We went upstairs, around a corner and I saw the sign on the door, Royal Suite.

“Oh, Francois.”

He didn’t say a word. His hand grew a little more insistent at my back and he steered me inside the most stunning room I had ever been in. Ever. The room was huge and magnificent, opening onto a lanai on which stood a chaise and beyond it, a spectacular view of Diamond Head.

Francois stood behind me, his hands sliding down my hips, moving inward to my crotch, resting right on my cock. I knew he loved my cock and indeed, enjoyed sucking it for hours.

His fingers moved to the belt buckle keeping him from what he wanted. I turned my face up to meet his and he kissed me, his tongue moving into my mouth as his hands negotiated my zipper. We soon got into a frenzy. We stripped each other in record time. I saw he was hard, but he gestured outside.

“Get on that chaise, right now.”

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Mingo McCloud is BACK! Book 1 WANTED is out NOW!


I am re-releasing the entire Mingo McCloud series in preparation for Book 7 HOGTIED which is coming out soon!

In the meantime here is WANTED, Book 1 in the series

Amazon purchase link:



Honolulu forensic accountant Mingo McCloud’s lover has cheated on him again. To escape his heartbreak, a severely depressed Mingo moves to the North Shore of Oahu. Eager to start a new life and to forget, Mingo soon learns that Turtle Bay might be the home of big surf, but it also has even bigger secrets. He catches the eye of a mysterious stranger, Jason, a sexy lone wolf with a troubled, sketchy past. The two become embroiled in a tempestuous love affair that turns dangerous when Mingo discovers Jason is spying on him.

Involved in his first big murder case, Mingo needs all his emotional resources to help find a missing young housewife…yet his private life just turned deadly. He has no idea why Jason would be tracking his every move—or even who hired him. Determined to find the truth, he hires big black, bad French former mercenary, Francois, to help him…and discovers shocking truths…Mingo McCloud has gone from wanting to wanted.

Pick up your copy today!


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