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First he was WANTED, now he’s NEEDED! Mingo McCloud is back in action in the islands!

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Mingo McCloud, Honolulu’s hottest – and only criminal forensic accountant. Mingo has settled into professional and personal bliss on Oahu’s North Shore. His life with his lover, Francois, a security expert with mysterious ties to military and DEA authorities, is on course until Francois accepts an apparently routine case of outfitting a Caribbean billionaire’s luxury holiday home with state of the art security.

When their home is ransacked and Mingo’s car is blown up and a tropical storm heads right toward St. Martin, where Francois was last seen, Mingo becomes frantic when his lover vanishes. He heads to the islands even though travelers are being turned away. Nothing will stop him from finding his missing man. Mingo thought he needed Francois, but realizes, as deadly forces try to stop him, that he, himself, is needed.

HOT Excerpt:

It felt weird being on the hectic east side of the island again. We rarely came here. We were homebodies and we also loved our more natural side of the island. If we ventured away, it was usually to the windward side, to Kailua or any parts in between that town and ours. We loved the wild parts of the island.

Hey, we were backtracking. Since Waikiki was a maze of one-way streets, this wasn’t unusual. However, we were now heading away from the freeway. I was about to call his cell phone when I followed him down tiny Lewers Street. My heart gave a pleasant skip. I loved the hotels here. They were all expensive and gorgeous. There was one very handsome resort, the Hale Koa, set in the middle of emerald-green landscaping especially built for members of the US military. They could come and stay here for their R-and-Rs. We’d been there a couple of times, since Francois was ex-military. It was a wonderful place.

But no, we sped right past it. He stopped right outside the Halekulani. Oh, no…it was only my favorite place in the world.

“What are we doing here?” I asked him as I got out of my car and a cute valet guy all dressed in white drove off with my wheels.

“Making good on the second part of my promise,” Francois said, his hand resting briefly on my lower back.

I couldn’t speak. I was too busy grinning like a simpleton. I felt my cock moistening my boxer briefs inside my suit pants. I wanted him in the worst way. As we entered the cool confines of the luxury resort hotel, I felt quite decadent being here on a weekday a little after noon. We usually came for cocktails, pupus and the lovely hula and music at sunset. But this was a first. With a jolt, I realized it was my first nooner with Francois. Actually, my first nooner ever.

Francois did the check-in thing. We drew a few glances. He was an imposing figure with his six-foot-four frame. I was no slouch at around six feet, but I could tell a few people at the front desk were wondering about us. We walked to the bank of elevators, the sea breeze wafting to us between elegant orchid displays and strategically placed palm fronds.

We went upstairs, around a corner and I saw the sign on the door, Royal Suite.

“Oh, Francois.”

He didn’t say a word. His hand grew a little more insistent at my back and he steered me inside the most stunning room I had ever been in. Ever. The room was huge and magnificent, opening onto a lanai on which stood a chaise and beyond it, a spectacular view of Diamond Head.

Francois stood behind me, his hands sliding down my hips, moving inward to my crotch, resting right on my cock. I knew he loved my cock and indeed, enjoyed sucking it for hours.

His fingers moved to the belt buckle keeping him from what he wanted. I turned my face up to meet his and he kissed me, his tongue moving into my mouth as his hands negotiated my zipper. We soon got into a frenzy. We stripped each other in record time. I saw he was hard, but he gestured outside.

“Get on that chaise, right now.”

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Mingo McCloud is BACK! Book 1 WANTED is out NOW!


I am re-releasing the entire Mingo McCloud series in preparation for Book 7 HOGTIED which is coming out soon!

In the meantime here is WANTED, Book 1 in the series

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Honolulu forensic accountant Mingo McCloud’s lover has cheated on him again. To escape his heartbreak, a severely depressed Mingo moves to the North Shore of Oahu. Eager to start a new life and to forget, Mingo soon learns that Turtle Bay might be the home of big surf, but it also has even bigger secrets. He catches the eye of a mysterious stranger, Jason, a sexy lone wolf with a troubled, sketchy past. The two become embroiled in a tempestuous love affair that turns dangerous when Mingo discovers Jason is spying on him.

Involved in his first big murder case, Mingo needs all his emotional resources to help find a missing young housewife…yet his private life just turned deadly. He has no idea why Jason would be tracking his every move—or even who hired him. Determined to find the truth, he hires big black, bad French former mercenary, Francois, to help him…and discovers shocking truths…Mingo McCloud has gone from wanting to wanted.

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Hey gang I wrote Bad Moon Rising, a new Mingo Story and couldn’t stop. It’s 10 thousand words and you can check it out here:



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It’s Tiki Time: Guest Post and Give Away from Author KATEY HAWTHORNE!



Hey, A.J., and thanks for inviting me around to kick off my blog tour. You’re a star!

Since Halloween is my favorite holiday, I’m super pumped to have a Halloween themed book to share this year. It’s called WITCHY BOYS: SEXY STORIES FOR DARK NIGHTS, and, well, the title just about says it all.

Well, okay, maybe not all. But we don’t want to give everything away, right?

The stories are unrelated, taking place in separate worlds, except that they both feature witches and romance. A killer combo (sometimes literally–I mean, I’ve seen AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN). But one thing I think they, and a lot of witch stories (and monster stories in general) have in common, is that humans, mortals, or people without power are more often the real “monsters” in the story.

Paranormal/horror as a genre exists to shine a light into the darkness of humanity and amp it up, forcing us to examine it. The choices people make with regard to magic and the supernatural (or just, you know, murder) have immediate and far-reaching consequences that the characters can’t avoid. I think that’s what attracts me to the genre, in general. And what attracts me to romance as a genre is that it shines a light on what is best about us: love of all kinds.

So bringing the two together, for me, is a really fun bit of alchemy. Balancing the darkness with the light. And what better time to think about it than at Halloween, a time when the past comes forward and we get to be anything we want, for better or for worse?

I like both ends of the spectrum, and everything in the middle. What are your favorite reads in the dark genres–and how much do you want that to be balanced with the light? Drop an answer in the comments and get entered into the giveaway!



Witchy Boys Blog Tour

October 17-31


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October 19 – The Novel Approach

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October 24 – P.G. Forte

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October 26 – Prism Book Alliance

October 27 – Roxanne D. Howard

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October 31 – Jenna Rose


WITCHY BOYS: Sexy Stories for Dark Nights

Author: Katey Hawthorne

Publisher: Indie

Publication Date: October 18, 2016

Word Count: 20,000

Just in time for Halloween! Two novelettes about men with magic—and the occasional demon.

“Blood Magic and the Mini Zombie Apocalypse”

Griff has a bad habit of getting talked into black magic he shouldn’t be using—but this time it’s even worse. His ex is bent on revenge in the form of a mini zombie apocalypse, and the only person who can help Griff is a hottie white magic practitioner named Blythe. The catch: one of Griff’s spells gone wrong left Blythe with a haunted apartment a year ago, and Blythe isn’t over it.

Still, Blythe agrees to work with Griff. As they unravel the ugly blood, sex, and death magic, they also discover surprising things about each other. Hopefully, it’s enough for the ultimate trust they’ll need to defeat a lot of zombies and a crazed witch, or their town will end up covered in corpses.


Six years ago, Thackeray agreed to let a demon haunt him in exchange for help hunting other demons. It’s a lonely life, but worth it to be the best demon hunter possible — to save families from the kind of evil that ruined his own childhood.

This Hallowe’en, Thackeray’s dealing with an upstart coven. A powerful, pretty witch named Matt defects to help Thackeray stop their scheme to invite god-knows-what from the other side.

Demons are much easier to fight than the urges Matt’s flirting inspires. But Thackeray can’t hook up with a demon watching over his shoulder… can he?

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Author Bio:

Katey Hawthorne is an avid reader and writer of superpowered and paranormal romance, even though the only degree she holds is in the history of art. (Or, possibly, because the only degree she holds is in the history of art.) Originally from the Appalachian foothills of West Virginia, she currently lives in Columbus, Ohio with her family, two cats, and one very large puppy. In her spare time she enjoys travel, comic books, B-movies, loud music, video games, Epiphones, and Bushmills. Her favorite causes include animal rescue and bisexual representation in media. She is an unashamed fangirl and collects nerdy tattoos like she’s trying to prove it.

Find Katey at…

Kateyhawthorne.com blog and site






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D.J. Manly and I have waited a VERY long time for Blood Eclipse to be released and we are stoked that the book is finally out. This vampire tale set in the Los Angeles of the future is one of our favorites and the first in a series of four books in which vampires have taken over the brothels…don’t miss this paranormal love story with…a bite!
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Vampires have come out of the closet, and they’re buying up real estate and running brothels in the City of Angels. Looking for your own Twilight fantasy? It’s yours. 

Rory bitterly hates vampires. After all, one of them murdered his friend. So when his best friend Dennis begs him to accompany him to a vampire brothel on his birthday so that he can experience what is widely believed to be the sex of his life, Rory tags along reluctantly. 

Rory and Dennis both find their worlds changed forever as the sun goes down on Eclipse. As they enter the revamped Magic Castle, they discover that sex, love and blood can mix. Dennis finds himself falling in love with the mysterious Thiago, and Rory is taken by Carden who is so beautiful, Rory isn’t even sure if he’s real – but evil is everywhere, permeating everything as the night closes in around them.

All around them, the music pumped like an accelerated heartbeat, throbbing with sexual heat. When they arrived at their table near the front, Rory’s gaze was riveted to the naked dancer who slithered across the stage like a seductive serpent, his eyes glowing with some preternatural light, his beauty actually creating some kind of unholy glow around his perfectly sculptured body.

It was Dennis who grabbed his arm and pushed him down into a chair, grinning like a kid who had just been presented with a shiny new toy.
“Sit,” he said. “I have to go see the regulator and get my sheet.”

“Sheet?” Rory muttered, trying to tear his gaze away from the hypnotic vision in front of him. “What sheet?”

“All these hunks have numbers. I have to reserve if I want one, and hopefully I’ll get the one I choose. Demand exceeds supply in these places. Thank God these vamps can do one mortal after another. Order drinks. I’ll be back.”

A half-naked Asian was standing in front of Rory suddenly, holding a tray. Beautiful, but then they were all beautiful, weren’t they?

“Not all of us,” he said. “What can I get for you, sweetie?”

The waiter was leaning down next to him, his face close to his. Rory instinctively moved his head away. “Ah, two rum and Cokes, I guess. And did you just read my thoughts?”

The waiter grinned and winked at him, walking off without a word, presumably in the direction of the bar. Rory couldn’t see anything through the crowd, not even where Dennis had gone.

The table he was at was small, only big enough for two, and right beside him was a larger table filled with six young men who were talking loudly and chugging beer. One of them reached up to touch the dancer on the stage, but he moved out of reach so fast, Rory saw only a flash. The dancer hissed, his fangs coming into view and that, too, seemed to last only a heartbeat. Then his expression became unreadable.

Grab your copy today!
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CRAZY JOE IS A BEST SELLER at All Romance eBooks!


D.J. Manly and I are totally stoked that our brand new release, CRAZY JOE is a best seller at All Romance eBooks!!

Thank you to our gorgeous readers for loving our crazy Louisiana cops!


Crazy Joe by A.J. Llewellyn, D.J. Manly 

Montana Delray, a hot, good-looking New Orleans detective, had it made until his captain found him fooling around with his son at the office Christmas party. Even a gold shield and a medal for valor can’t save him from being busted down and transferred to the last place any cop wants to go—the 77th Precinct.Detective Joe Hunter, nicknamed “Crazy Joe” because he has the sixth sense, flounders in a department where everyone has their “idiosyncrasies.” Then Montana Delray walks through the doors of the 77th and turns psychic Joe’s world upside down.For the two mismatched detectives, is the 77th Precinct a nightmare or their destiny?

If you like aj llewellyncomedycrossdressingdetectivesdj manlygay romancemysteriespolicesuspense - this book is for you!!
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Phantom Lover is Back! Entire series will be re-released. New stories coming soon!

Phantom Lover - FINAL

The Boys are Back in Town!

Phantom Lover has been re-released with a gorgeous new cover designed by the amazing Karrie Jax.

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The entire PHANTOM LOVER series will be re-released by The Pele Press – check out the coming soon page for five more yummy covers by Karrie!


Then a hot, all-new Phantom Lover book comes out in time for Christmas!

Phantom Lover (Phantom Lover book # 1)

Hawaiian hula dancer Bobby Kikawa has deep fantasies about the alluring, mysterious Kimo Wilder, a gifted kahuna and kumu hula, a hula master. He becomes even more fixated after Kimo poses for an erotic painting called Phantom Lover. He plans to seduce Kimo even though the man is straight, married and known for his extreme loyalty to his wife.

Alone on a hot night after dance rehearsal on the big island of Hawaii, Bobby manages to persuade Kimo to let him service his neglected, extremely hungry passions. When the young dancer awakens a part of Kimo that nobody else ever has, Bobby both fears and welcomes the incredible power Kimo has over him. The legendary dancer inserts himself into Bobby’s life, but not everyone is happy about their burgeoning romance.

Things go from one extreme to another with interference from family and friends. Are the men prepared to sacrifice everything for each other? Their red-hot fling threatens not only Kimo’s marriage but Bobby’s sanity when he discovers Kimo is a “Keeper of Secrets” in the Hawaiian culture…a man born of fire and hidden, taboo, dark magic the ancient Hawaiians called Lua.

NOTE: This book was previously published. This reissued version of the book has been reedited.


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A new FREE Mingo McCloud story available NOW!

hawaiian man love

Hey Gang,

There’s a new Mingo short story out now on ManLove Fantasies! Check it out! There is also a chance to win a copy of my new novel The Pirate Fairy so please post a comment to win. Please check out “Something in the Air” here:




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mating tomeo final

Aloha gang! My hot and very sexy Hawaiian Romance, MATING TOMEO, set in post – WWII Honolulu is out NOW!


In 1946 Hawaii, Tomeo Yamaguchi harbors a secret that would be considered shameful by his traditional Japanese family—he aches for the caress of other men.

Which makes it particularly devastating when Tomeo’s father hires a tanomoshi—a matchmaker—to find a bride for his son.

Tomeo spends time with the tanomoshi, Shin Yamada, and as the men come to know one another, deep feelings emerge, the transition from friends to lovers inevitable. They fall into a clandestine affair, their hushed and hidden lovemaking as beautiful and breathless in their eyes as it is torrid in the eyes of others.

More time spent worshipping Tomeo’s body means less time finding him a suitable bride. Shin’s forsaking his duty and risking everything…but mating Tomeo is worth every stolen second. No matter the cost…

Publisher’s note: This book was previously published. It has been revised for re-release at Ai Press.

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Relentless Love – Relentless series Book 2 is OUT NOW!

relentless passion new


Relentless Love (Relentless #2)


Alex has already lost one lover to his brother Zeca. Now his fickle shenanigans have driven Hugh, his other lover, away as well. Alex desperately wants what his brother has, an intensely passionate relationship, so Zeca shares their father’s advice–you have to love before you can be relentless. Good advice, if Alex weren’t so afraid to follow it.

When Toppy’s own love life gets a little, um…strange, he escapes to St. Tropez. He takes Alex with him, who finds himself face-to-face with Hugh. Too bad Hugh is already lip-to-lip with someone else. But Alex has come too far to turn back now.

The game is on, and while Toppy gets up to his own sexual shenanigans under the St. Tropez sun, Alex will do anything to get back into Hugh’s life…his bed…his body. He’ll first have to learn to face his fears. Only then can he find relentless love.

Note: This is a re-released title, revised and re-edited.


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